NEW FOR 2017

Amusement Park Obstacle Course
This thrilling obstacle course captures all the fun and excitement of a real amusement park! With the eye-catching digital graphics, tackle dummies, squeeze plays, climbing walls, and a slide, all kids are sure to enjoy!

Dimensions: 36′ L x 30′ W x 20’H
Height Req.: min 42″–max 76″
Electrical Req.: 4 x 20amp lines of 100volts within a 100ft
Rental Rate: $1540.00 with 2 staff

Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccer puts a fun twist on playing soccer. Squeeze into your inflated bubble, harness up, grab the handle bars and have a blast smashing into one another while trying to score a goal. Rent 6, 8 or 10 bubbles. ***Inflatable arena shown is not included, optional add-on.
Dimensions: for arena only – 75’L x 44’W
Electrical Req.:  1 x 20amp line of electricity with in 100ft with arena only
Rental Rate:  1 staff included – 6 Bubbles $825,  8 Bubbles $965,  10 Bubbles $1030
if adding arena, includes one additional staff – add $650

Bungee Run & Shoot Out
Compete against your opponent to shoot your basketball into the net first, all while being resisted with a bungee cord.

Dimensions: 40’L x 14’W x 10’H
Electrical Req.:  1 x 20amp line of electricity with in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $915 with 1 staff

Candyland Playland
This fun-filled inflatable is a kid’s dream come true. This inflatable features dazzling digital print both inside and out, a gingerbread house climb & slide, candy themed pop ups, plenty of room to bounce, and an area that can be used as a ball pit. This unit has room for 8 kids.

Dimensions: 19’L x 19’W x 10’H
Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp lines of 100volts with in a 100ft.
Height Req.: min 30″- max 60″
Rental Rate: $915 with 1 staff


Carnival Craze Pool Inflatable

Get your ticket and enter into our NEW Carnival themed 40’L pool inflatable. Begin your experience crawling under the roller coaster, then jump through the funnel cake, followed by dipping under the carousel horse, then go around the highstriker, finished by sliding down the slide between the ferris wheel.

Dimensions: 40′ L x 4′ W
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/ in 100ft.
Height Req.: Min 36″, Max 70″
Lifeguard Req.: Minimum of 2 lifeguards must be present
Rental Rate: $825.00 with 1 staff

Cash Cube Money Machine
Use your quick reflexes to grab as much money as you can in our Giant Cash Cube. This money machine will be sure to “grab” everyone’s attention at your next event.

Dimensions: 82″L x 40″W x 96″H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/ in 100ft.
Notes: Paper money or coupons to put in money machine not included.
Rental Rate: $1095 with 1 staff

Dance Dome
It’s Party Time! Dance the night away with the  Dance Dome! While the music is pumping bounce and party under the disco light.

Dimensions: 20’L x 24’W x 18’H
Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp line of 110volts of electricity within 100ft.
Rental Rate: $1005 with 1 staff

Frisbee Art

Create your own frisbee. Squirt up to 6 colors on your frisbee and let the spin machine do its magic and create a zany piece of art!

Dimensions: 6’Table needed
Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp line of 110volts within 100ft.
Rental Rate: $915.00 with 1 staff and 200 frisbees.  $2.50 each additional frisbee over 200.

Giant Legos
This 96 piece set is great for all ages! The jumbo blocks comes in 4 bright primary colors (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue) and 2 sizes (8 in. x 4 in. and 4 in. x 4 in.).

Rental Rate:  $210.00


Graffiti Touch

Your photo becomes the canvas! Your picture will appear on a 55″ screen, then with your finger you choose from amazing stencils, clipart and many colors to start designing your masterpiece. Up to 3 participants can draw/write at one time.

Rental Rate: $1365.00 with 1 staff


Hungry Hippo Chow Down
This is the latest 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game that involves speed, strength and agility. Object of the game: Once the referee says GO, each of the 4 players starts from their back wall and races to the pond of balls (25 balls supplied) in the center of the game to retrieve as many balls as possible and return them to the mesh bag at their starting wall. Once all of the balls are chow’d down, the player with the most balls in their bag is the winner.

Dimensions: 30’L x 30’W x 6’H
Height Req.: min 42″–max 80″
Electrical Req.: (1) 2oamp line of 110volts within a 100ft of setup location
Rental Rate: $1095 with 1 staff


Hydro Thunder Arcade
You’ll be master of the world’s waterways when you’re at the helm of Hydro Thunder, the turbo-charged superboat racing game that will leave all other racing games scattered in its wake. Choose your vehicle from a selection of thirteen speedboats, each with its own handling characteristics. Surge down Lake Powell, the Nile, or any one of eleven unique tracks from all around the world, all while discovering secret paths, hidden power-ups and special boat movies that will give you the edge you need to cross the finish line first.

Rental Rate: $650.00

Megawire is the ultimate test of patience, whole body steadiness, and hand-eye co-ordination. Watch while players attempt to navigate the handheld ring through 12 linear feet of tube on this massive 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide game. Should they loose their concentration and make a mistake, the red light will turn on along with an audible buzzer.

Dimensions: 47″ X 48″ X 12″ (H x W x D)
Electrical Req.: Battery Operated (we provide)
Rental Rate: $400.00

Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. Not One, but Two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing?

Dimensions: 30’L x 30’W x 10′ H
Electrical Req.: 2 x 20amp lines of 110volts with in 100ft
Rental Rate: $1545.00 with 1 staff

Multi-player Ping Pong Table
This is the most exciting table tennis type game you will ever play!  You may play with two to over a dozen players at the same time. With more than four players,  a new player enters the game with each serve.  The player who just fouled must leave the game and wait in line until his/her turn to re-enter. The rounded bumpers provide  infinite variety of ball bounces when struck during play.  A skilled player uses the bumpers to angle the ball to an opponent, or set himself up for an easy slam.

Dimensions:  102″W x 102″L x 30″H
Rental Rate: $735.00

Pipe Rush
Kids are immediately challenged, with our tire obstacles, climbing cubes and unique pipe shaped stairs that will lead them to the top into a fun rushing wave slide.

Dimensions: 30’L x 20’W x 22’H
Electrical Req: 2 x 20amp lines of 100volts of electricity with in 100ft.
Height Req.: min 36″
Rental Rate: $1270.00 with 2 staff

Silly Shower
Silly Shower provides all the fun of a dunk tank, with None of the Water Issues! The water is treated and recirculated so that there is no leakage and the Silly Shower rental can be used indoors and outdoors.

Rental Rate: $445.00


Soccer Darts
Combination of Soccer and Giant Dart Board utilizing Velcro balls.

Rental Rate: $555.00

T-shirt Spin Art
Create your very own wearable art! Drop your choice of colors and watch the design come to life on the t-shirt.

Electrical Req: 1 x 20amp line of 110volts of electricity with in a 100ft.
Rental Rate: $1095.00 includes 1 staff and 100 t-shirts


The Vault
Get your thumb trigger ready! Do you have the speed to keep up with the moving lights? Choose from 1 of 4 difficulty levels, then you have 30 seconds to stop the orbiting White lights on the Red lights. Progress through all 5 rounds to Win!

Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp line of 11ovolts with in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $735.00

Virtual Reality Experience

We invite you to experience a brand new way of video gaming. Pop on the goggles and get immersed into the video world.  Its 3D audio technology makes sounds sharper and clearer, while the advanced VR display creates an incredibly lifelike gaming experience. Choose 1 of 3 Games: Drive Club; Until Dawn; and Battlezone.

Setup Includes:

2 PS4 consoles, 2VR Goggles, 2 Gaming Chairs, 2 TV’s and 2 Headphones for amplified sound.

Game Descriptions:

  1. Drive Club– Experience the wild rush of high-octane VR racing from behind the wheel of the most powerful, high-end cars on the planet. Race alone or with opponents. Choose your vehicle, the country and course and hop into your car and choose 1o f 3 views.
  2.  Until Dawn: Rush of Blood– Strap yourself in for the most exhilarating rollercoaster ride you’ll ever take! As your car begins on its rail journey, your goal is to aim your bb guns at either the stationary or moving targets and shoot. Hurry, because if you miss your targets, your game is over!
  3. Battlezone-Sit inside your very own tank. Select your desired difficulty and duration, then the game generates a board of hexagonal tiles. Each tile is a mission, which means you can–to an extremely limited extent–choose what you play as you make your way from the starting point to the eventual final stage. Along the way, you can stop off at supply station tiles to purchase new weapons with the currency you earn in-game. But there’s a risk: every time you move to a new tile, your enemy’s power increases, eventually spawning one or more nigh-unbeatable boss characters that stalk the board until you beat the campaign

Rental Rate: $1595.00