All prices listed are subject to change, please email or call for a quote. Prices are based on a 4 hour rental in the greater Philadelphia region, south New Jersey and northern Delaware. Discounts are available for booking multiple items. Travel fees may apply for some regions.  To get a free quote or reserve a date, click here





Air Heads
This zany game has you knock down the floating balls that hover over our air heads by streams of air.

Dimensions: 12′L x 12′W x 8′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $645.00 with 1 staff


Ba- Skee-Ball
This creative game combines skeeball and basketball. Roll mini basketballs down the inflatable lane in to one of the colorful slots to score points.

Dimensions: 20′ 6″L x 5’6″W x 8′ 6″H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $645.00 with 1 staff


Bowman Challenge

Get ready to test your eye-hand coordination! Aim your bow and arrow at one of the hovering balls, shoot and try to knock a ball down.  Bowman Challenge brings a safe way to play archery with its soft tip darts. Fun for all ages, this activity enhances upper body strength and helps develop self discipline. Game includes: soft tip arrows, bows, balls, inflatable arena, ez up tent(not pictured), tables(not pictured) and a professional staff (not pictured).

Height Req.: Fun for All Ages
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $895.00 with 1 staff

Carnival Alley  (New for 2018)
Step right up! How is your Aim? Test your skills at one or all three of these games: Star Darts, Touchdown Toss, Gone Bananas.

Dimensions: 5’L x 19’W x 9’6″H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/ in 100ft.
Height Req.: all ages
Rental Rate: $620  with 1 staff


Hooley Ball
The object of this two player game is to get 3 balls through any of the 3 holes before your opponent accomplishes the same. First to get rid of all three balls is the winner.

Dimensions: 15′L x 7′W x 7’11″H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $675.00 with 1 staff


Hoop Zone
Who will score the most points? Shoot the basketballs in one of three baskets. The higher the basket the greater the points. Add up your points to get your final score.

Dimensions: 13′L x 8′W x 15′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $625.00 with 1 staff


Inflatable Midway
Take the classic “carnival tent look” and INFLATE IT! Our brand new inflatable midway includes four inflated carnival games including Ring Toss, Tic Tac Toe, Hoop Shot and Hat Trick.

Dimensions: 15′L x 20′W x 14′H
Electrical Req.: (2) 110v lines w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $1150.00 with 2 staff


Point Zone
The balls actually float on air! Knock down the floating targets by either kicking a soccer ball or throwing a football at them hitting them off their stream of air.

Dimensions: 11′ W x 10′ L x 10′ H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $645.00 with 1 staff


Shoot Out
The object of this two player game is to get rid of the 3 balls on your side of the basket. The winner is the person that does this the quickest. If you make the shot, it drains to your opponent and if they make the shot, it drains to you. The winner is the person who does this the quickest.

Dimensions: 15′L x 7′W x 7’11″H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $675.00 with 1 staff


Western Shoot Out
Two people at a time shoot safe foam balls with our air blasters through the targets in this western themed arena. Try to be the one to score the most points.

Dimensions: 9′L x 9′W x 8′H
Electrical Req.: 1x20amp outlet of 110volts
Rental Rate: $695.00 with 1 staff


World of Sports
No matter the sport, World of Sports has the games kids want to play. Play, football, soccer, basketball, baseball or Frisbee all under one inflatable play structure.

Dimensions: 24′L x 16′6″W x 13′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $900.00 with 1 staff

Staffing not provided but available for $150/staff | Local delivery/pick up is $200 total.
Rental rate is based on 4 hours of actual game time.

Corn Hole Toss Game
This exciting bean bag game can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Players throw bean bags toward the round hole in the wooden target board. Score three for landing in the hole, and one for landing on the board. The player or team with the most points wins! Boards are made of solid wood and measure 24W x 36D x 3.5H inches.  Rental Rate: $185.00

Giant Checkers
Giant Checkers makes a fun way for beginners to learn this traditional game of skill and cunning, and a totally new dimension to the game for established checker lovers.
Dimensions: 10’L x 10’W.
Rental Rate: $235.00

Giant Chess
Giant Chess makes a fun way for beginners to learn this traditional game of skill and cunning, and a totally new dimension to the game for established chess lovers.
Dimensions: 10’L x 10’W.
Rental Rate: $235.00

Giant Connect Four
Strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck combine to make this giant version of a well known game a fantastic time for all ages. Take turns to drop your counters in to the frame to try to form a line of 4 and stop your opponent from doing the same. Play in teams to discover who can plan ahead with the winning line of attack. Dimensions:  58”L x 45”H.
Rental Rate: $275.00

Giant Inflatable Twister
Right hand blue! Left hand yellow! This famous floor game has been super-sized to a cushioned more colorful version.
Height Req.: Min. of 36″ tall (approx. 3 years old)
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line  w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate:  $595.00 – THIS INCLUDES 1 STAFF (mandatory requirement for operation)

Giant Jenga
A game of skill. Build the tower, take turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole tower tumble.
You must determine the right movements to destabilize the tower and hope your opponent takes the fall. With 58 solid wooden blocks, Giant Jenga builds from approximately 3 feet 6 inches at the start of the game, to 5 feet maximum in play. Dimensions: Each Block Measures 8.25 inches x 2.75 inches x 1.75 inches, can grow to 5’Tall.  Rental Rate: $185.00


Giant Legos 
This 96 piece set is great for all ages! The jumbo blocks comes in 4 bright primary colors (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue) and 2 sizes (8 in. x 4 in. and 4 in. x 4 in.).

Rental Rate: $210.00

Giant Pick Up Sticks
Only the steadiest of hands can succeed in this game of daring tension. Try to remove each stick in turn without moving any of the others. Each of the different color sticks denotes a different point. Rack up the highest score of the day to claim the winner’s crown. This Giant Game contains 30 wooden sticks that are 3 feet in length.

Rental Rate: $165.00

Giant Pong
Giant Pong  just got a  lot more fun. Try to aim your soccer or volleyball at your opponents over-sized buckets, throw and hope you can land it in the bucket, eliminating that bucket from your opponents setup. The person or team with the most buckets left, wins!

Rental Rate: $345.00

Giant Kerplunk
Try not to lose your marbles! Game consists of a large 4’H plastic tower that stands upright on a base containing two separate trays. Straws are passed through holes in the side of the tube to form a “web”. “Cannon” balls at the top of the tube are held in place by the web. Players take turns removing a single straw from the tower while trying to minimize the number of balls that fall through the tube and into their tray. Player who accumulates the largest number of dropped marbles loses. Comes with 24 straws and 30 cannonballs.

Rental Rate: $185.00

Giant Ladder Ball
Play by throwing the bolas at the ladders and earn points with each toss that lands on the frame. Scoring system on each ladder for tracking points. Comes with 2 ladder systems & includes 6 bolos.

Rental Rate: $185.00

This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board… Uh-Oh! The patient’s nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered.

Rental Rate: $365.00


SnookBall is a hybrid sport that lets you play pool with your feet. SnookBall is a combination of pool and soccer.  The sport is played on a giant pool table that multiple players can walk on. All the rules are the same as pool, except that you use your feet instead of a cue and the balls are replaced by footballs. The wacky sport is generally a two player game, but the table can accommodate up to four players. All the soccer balls retain the look of standard pool balls, but are obviously larger and lighter. The white striker ball is slightly heavier than the rest, just to make the game more interesting.

Rental Rate: $845.00 with 1 staff

Soccer Darts

Combination of Soccer and Giant Dart Board utilizing Velcro balls.

Rental Rate: $555.00

rental only, staffing not provided but available for $175/staff

Alien Autopsy

Keep your hands steady while operating! This over-sized version of the classic game “Operation” is sure to be the BUZZ at your next event.
Rental Rate: $295.00
Boom Blaster

In this Speed-Pumpin’ Balloon Bustin’ Challenge Game, 3 contestants frantically pump, inflating their balloons until one pops in the detonator. First to burst is the winner!
Rental Rate: $395.00
color-match-300x187Crazy Colors Deluxe
Throw 3 balls into the game and match two colors to win.
Rental Rate: $225.00
cow-milking-contest-300x187Cow Milking Contest
It’s wild and crazy, hilarious and zany – the Cow Milking Game! Challengers step up to “Ol Bessie” and do their best to out-milk each other.
Rental Rate: $395.00
Cow Pie Fly

Test your accuracy and try to throw the foam cow chip into the cow’s tummy.
Rental Rate: $195.00
crazy-driver-300x187Crazy Driver
The ball must travel down the ramp without falling off. Guide the ball left and right by using the steering wheel.
Rental Rate: $225.00
Duck Pond Deluxe

Pluck the duck from the pond and match numbers to win. (need water to fill pond and an electrical source to plug in pump)
Rental Rate: $225.00
Fat Cats

Players knock down the “fat cats” with bean bags to win.
Rental Rate: $195.00
football-toss-300x187Football Toss
Real NFL action. Take the challenge and test your throwing accuracy.
Rental Rate: $225.00
Fun Mirrors

Don’t you look silly! These 5 foot tall concave and convex mirrors are a hit at any event.
Rental Rate: $250.00
Game Booths

Our red and white striped Game Booths will bring “the carnival” experience to any event. These 8′ x 8′ deluxe game booths include canopy tops, front and side skirting and full length backdrops.
Rental Rate: $275.00 per booth
High Strikers

Test your strength and try to ring the bell. Hit the target with a mallet from one of our four kiddie to adult high strikers. Heights range from 6 to 17 feet. (This is a picture of the 17 foot high striker)
Rental Rate: $225.00 – $475.00 based on height
Ice Cream Madness

Bounce the ball so it lands in the ice cream cone to win.
Rental Rate: $195.00
Kiddie High Striker

Smaller version of the high striker. This one for younger children is 6 feet high and comes with a padded mallet.
Rental Rate: $200.00
Kiddie Monkey High Striker
Using the rubber covered mallet, hit the base as hard as you can and watch the ringer go up the palm tree to hit the bell. This high  striker is only 6’H x 3’W
Rental Rate: $425.00 with 1 staff
Mindshaft Madness
With six giant keys to choose from, find the four correct keys to unlock the carts blocking a gold nugget from racing through the mine on its way out of the tunnel. Make sure to watch out for the miners and TNT!
Rental Rate: $445.00
Monster Blast
Kids of all ages will love this exciting, monster-blasting game. Players can try to eliminate the monsters by knocking them down with the built in dart gun!
Rental Rate: $375.00
Out House Run

Toss the foam toilet paper roll into the outhouse door.
Rental Rate: $195.00
Ping Pong Toss

You must toss your ping pong ball in one of the fishbowls to win. (need water to fill pond)
Rental Rate: $275.00

Drop the puck down the wall and hope that when it falls to the bottom in lands in the center to win.
Rental Rate: $225.00
Porkchop-speedwayPorkchop Speedway
Race your battery-operated piggy to the finish line. The first piggy to finish first, Wins!
Rental Rate: $295.00
Prizes Galore

Airplanes, superballs, plush animals and dozens of other fun prizes to choose from.
Rate: $Call for quote
Rat Run

Whose rat will cross the finish line first? These battery operated rats run randomly so you never know whose rat will win.
Rental Rate: $225.00
shooting-galleryShooting Gallery our crossbow with velcro tipped darts at the velcro backdrop covered with colorful animals.
Rental Rate: $275.00
Velcro Golf

A colorful backdrop designed to look like a real golf hole with a sand trap, water and the green. The object is to chip the golf ball as close to the hole as possible. The special Velcro golf balls stick to the backdrop. (6′W X 6′H screen)
Rental Rate: $275.00

Alien Pinball
Enjoy our “out-of-this-world” pinball game. Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. How many points can you land on?
Rental Rate: $225

Watch while players attempt to navigate the handheld ring through 12 linear feet of tube on this massive 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide game. Should they loose their concentration and make a mistake, the red light will turn on along with an audible buzzer.Dimensions: 47″ X 48″ X 12″ (H x W x D)
Electrical Req.: Battery Operated (we provide)
Rental Rate: $400.00

The Vault
Get your thumb trigger ready! Do you have the speed to keep up with the moving lights? Choose from 1 of 4 difficulty levels, then you have 30 seconds to stop the orbiting White lights on the Red lights. Progress through all 5 rounds to Win!
Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp line of 11ovolts with in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $735.00





Rental Rate on all classic games is $100
Staffing not provided but available for $175/staff

alien-hoop-toss-300x187Alien Hoop Toss
Take aim and toss the hoop around the colorful alien to win.
Alien Teeth

Aim your beanbag and try to get it thru Alien’s teeth.
bank-shot-300x187Bank Shot
Roll the ball down the lane and bank it against the bungee so it rebounds and falls into one of the five slots.
baseball-toss-300x187Baseball Toss
Toss the ball into one of the holes to win.
Big-Mouth-300x187Big Mouth
Toss bean bags or whiffle balls into mouth of clown painted on upright freestanding wooden game board.
bottle-bash-300x187Bottle Bash
Throw bean bags to knock over wooden slats painted with bottle figures, set in a wooden frame.
bubble-gum-249x300Bubble Gum
Throw your beanbag at the target to burst the bubble gum(aka balloon)!
bucket-drop-300x187Bucket Drop
Players attempt to throw whiffle balls into a bucket set at an odd angle with a hole in the side. Winner has their ball drop through hole in bucket and come to rest inside the base of the game.
bucking-bronco-300x187Bucking Bronco
Toss the horseshoe onto one of the two bucking feet of this colorful bronco to win.
bull-rope-pull-300x187Bull Rope-N
Toss the rope around the bull’s horns to win.
captain-hook-300x187Captain Hook Ring Toss
Toss the wooden ring onto the pirates hook to win.
catch-a-critter-300x187Catch A Critter
Toss the bugs into the net to win.
coke-bottles-300x187Coke Bottle Toss
Toss a plastic ring onto one of the necks of the Coke bottles to win.
SAVE  $25.00
crazy-colors-300x187Crazy Colors
Throw 3 balls into the game and match up 2 colors to win!
crazy-hat-300x187Crazy Hat
Players attempt to toss a ball through the opening in top of the hat.
crazy-koins-300x187Crazy Quarters
This game is just like Plinko. Players drop quarters into the game and watch them bounce off the metal pegs hoping one bounces into the clown’s mouth to win.
cue-ball-300x187Cue Ball
This game is a cross between pool and mini golf. Using a pool stick hit the cue ball into the hole to win.
dragon-slayer-300x187Dragon Slayer
Hit this colorful dragon in the chest and flip down the target to win.
duck-pond-300x187Duck Pond
Pluck the duck from the pond and match numbers to win. (need water to fill pond and an electrical source to plug in pump)
end-zone-300x187End Zone
Throw the ball through the chest of the receiver to win.
fast-ball-300x187Fast Ball
Pitch the ball into the glove and flip down the target to win.
first-and-ten-300x187First & Ten
Players throw mini footballs through hole in colorfully painted wooden game, featuring a football receiver.
frog-bogg-300x187Frog Bog
Swing mallet to hit catapult, launching frog into the air. Winner is the one who lands frog on pedestal.
game-booths-300x187Game Booths
Our red and white striped Game Booths will bring “the carnival” experience to any event. These 8′ x 8′ deluxe game booths include canopy tops, front and side skirting and full length backdrops.
PRICE: $275.00 each
goblet-toss-300x187Goblet Toss
Toss the wiffle balls in to the goblets to win.
Hi-lo-ball-roll-300x187Hi Lo Ball
RollRoll ball in to numbered slots. If it adds up to above 30 or below 11, you are a winner!
hoop-shot-300x187Hoop Shot
Shoot the mini-basketball through the hoop to win.
jumbo-coke-botte-toss-300x187Jumbo Coke Bottle Toss
Toss rings over these unique giant Coke bottles to win!
Swing the ball on the chain to knock over stack of blocks. Match the blocks to win.
krazy-kans-300x187Krazy Cans
Throw bean bags to knock over 6 cans stack in a pyramid on a pedestal. Winner knocks all cans down and off of the pedestal.
spill-the-milk-milk-bottle-toss-300x187Milk Bottle Toss
Knock the wooden milk bottles off the platform with the ball.
Milk Can

Try and toss the balls into this milk can. First ball in is a winner!
Peg Ring Toss

Toss a plastic ring onto a wooden peg to win.
potty-toss-300x187Potty Toss
The player stands on a foul line and tosses the wiffle balls one at a time and tries to make them land inside the lid of the Potty Toss.
prizes-galore-300x187Prizes Galore
Airplanes, superballs, plush animals and dozens of other fun prizes to choose from.
PRICE: Call for quote
rainbow-penny-toss-300x187Rainbow Penny Toss
Toss pennies to land in the rainbow colors to win.



SAVE  $75.00

roller-bowler-300x187Roller Bowler
Push the miniature sized bowling ball down the metal tracks with just the right touch. If the ball goes over the hump and does not come back over it you win.
shuffle-alley-300x187Shuffle Alley
Slide the pucks down the alley into the open slots to win.
shuffle-ball-bowling-300x187Shuffle Board Bowling
Slide the puck to knock over the plastic pins set on a rod in a six foot long wooden frame.
SkeerollSkee Roll
This is a tabletop version of the arcade game skeeball. Roll the ball to try and score the highest number.
slap-shot-hockey-300x187Slap Shot Hockey
Players attempt to score a goal by sliding pucks down six foot long game board, with rubber stops “defenders” to get past.
star-darts-300x187Star Darts
Throw rubber safe darts so they stick completely inside the star.
stop-and-throw-300x187Stop & Throw
Toss the ball or beanbag into the colored slot to win.
Sucker Punch

Take your best shot! Aim the bean bag and throw as hard as you can to know down one of the teeth.
tiki-man-hoop-toss-300x187Tiki Man Hoop Toss
Classic hula hoop toss game but with a Hawaiian theme!
Toss bean bags and knock down the trolls to win.
Tip-Bottle-300x187Tip The Bottles
Roll the ball down the alley to tip over the bottles.
Touchdown-Tip-300x187Touchdown Tip
Knock down the football players with bean bags to win.
Voodoo-Wacky-Wire-300x187VooDoo Wacky Wire
Keep a steady hand or you will set off the buzzer.
Win-Lose-Draw1-300x187Win, Loose Or Draw
Roll the balls in to the slots and line them up three in a row to win.
 Lucky Horshoe
Swing the rope and try to lasso the ring onto one of the ends of the horseshoe.

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