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The term “gamification” has been all the buzz with event planners and their corporate clients, who seek to integrate online marketing and social media strategies with real world events. Meetings and conferences are now using “gamification” on a regular basis to get maximum participation. The concept of pursuing goals and anticipated rewards is a strong one with attendees.

At Rainbow Promotions, “gamification” is not a new concept to us, but one which we continue to expand upon with innovative concepts and new applications.  We recognize that people enjoy social activities, competition and challenges. A game offers the opportunity for people to interact, form stronger connections, and create lasting memories.


When the Saley Corporation was looking to create department team building exercises, revive employee energy levels and generally offer a fun break during the work day, they called on Rainbow Promotions.  Our event coordinator transformed departments into teams, which competed in a variety of sports oriented carnival games during the course of an extended lunch hour. The games were set up in the lobby of the company’s headquarters complete with a catered lunch served from our hot dog carts, along with a variety of fun foods for just such an occasion.  A running tally was kept and the scores posted as the departments competed over a two hour period for a variety of prizes.  The results of this “mini-breakout” were so successful that it has since become a much anticipated annual event.

For Gemmah Corporation, “gamification”  took on an entirely different meaning as they sought to create a “social networking” opportunity between their key vendors and sales force.  In this scenario, Rainbow Promotions utilized the structure offered through the implementation of a casino party.  Key vendors were coached by our staff and actually became the casino dealers for their sponsored tables. This enabled them to interact and socialize on an informal level with Gemmah employees as well as provide new product information.  This game format resulted in an employee attendance with an all time high of nearly 98% participation.  For Gemmah’s  vendors, it has become a critical annual event for informing sales associates of new product releases.


With Consomo’s Auto Parts, the use of interactive video games was the essence of “gamification” at a recent trade show they attended. With just a single arcade game, Cruis’n World Driving Simulator, in their booth, they were able to increase traffic and leads by almost 47%.  Cruis’n World allowed players to choose from any of 12 countries ranked by difficulty, and then drive through them using 14 tracks and 12 different cars.  As trade show attendees took on this challenge, it gave their sales force a means to maintain the customer’s attention, interact with them and gain new valuable leads.

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