Give Your Employees A Break – March Madness

For those less familiar, March Madness refers to the time of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, generally throughout the month of March.  It is also the end of the first quarter and a perfect time to rally your employees.  Why not hold your own employee breakout session during the lunch hour with your very own March Madness tournament?
Treat your employees to a catered lunch served right on site from our authentic hot dog food carts! But don’t worry, besides great hot dogs, we offer everything form hoagies to pita sandwiches, tacos to pizza, and cheese steaks to grilled chicken sandwiches.  And of course soft drinks, smoothies and philly pretzels!

And of course, hold your own basketball tournament at the same time with any of our March Madness inflatables! It will be a motivational afternoon that will not be forgotten!


Full Court Press
Step up & test your shooting skills! When a basket is made the ball transfers into the opponent’s lane. The winner has the least amount of balls in their lane at the end of the time.

Dimensions: 16′L x 14′W x 17′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $900.00 with 1 staff


Hoop Zone
Who will score the most points? Shoot the basketballs in one of three baskets. The higher the basket the greater the points. Add up your points to get your final score.

Dimensions: 13′L x 8′W x 15′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $625.00 with 1 staff


One On One Basketball
Using mini basketballs two participants compete for the highest score on our free throw basketball game. Scores are displayed on a LED digital readout.

Dimensions: 10′L X 7′W X 8′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $645.00 with 1 staff

Slam Dunk
Time to make the highlight reels with our amazing Slam Dunk Basketball Challenge!  Each player takes three steps forward and launches off of the reinforced jump pillow to try and slam it home!  Featuring big time fun in a small package, the Slam Dunk is great for any event!

Dimensions:  27′ L x 15′ W x 12′ H
Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp lines of 110volts of electricity w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $895.00 with 1 staff


Super Hoops
When you can’t go to the court, bring this basketball game to you. This bright colorful inflatable is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Dimensions: 15′L x 12′W x 17′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $775.00 with 1 staff

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