Since its founding in 1978, Rainbow Promotions Inc. has established itself as a leading entertainment and talent agency in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Our attention to detail and a proven track record has made us the preferred choice in retail and corporate events, business meetings, conventions, trade shows, fundraising galas and private functions.

We can provide a whole range of variety entertainers, speakers, sports celebrities, comedians, magicians, jugglers, mimes, stiltwalkers, circus artists and more to make your event both successful and memorable.

(Please note we do not book children’s birthday parties)

magic Magicians

From strolling close-up magic for corporate events to full scale staged illusion shows, Rainbow Promotions represents the finest magicians that this region has to offer.

 minme Mimes

From the traditional white face mime to a host of “silent characters”, our mimes offer an enhancement to any event as greeters and creators of unique event atmospheres.

 juggler Jugglers

Add high-energy, fun, and exciting juggling for your next big event! From balls to clubs and a host of unusual objects, our performers mix genuine dexterity with side splitting comedy to entertain your guests.

 caricaturesbycourtney Caricaturists

Our caricaturists capture the prominent features and nicer idiosyncrasies of your guests. These drawings offer a sort of human touch that reminds guests or patrons that there really is something quite special about each of them. Caricatures bring with them a touch of fantasy and a genuine sense of humor that make any event memorable. Add your logo for corporate branding or sponsorship at your next event or promotion.

 rocky Celebrity Impersonators

Add a touch of stardom to your event with our host of characters. We offer “celebrity appearances” as well as stage shows and even customized programs designed for corporate events and product launches.

 segal Puppeteers

Creative, entertaining and educational, our puppeteers offer a variety of custom tailored shows for public and private performances, trade shows, commercials and special events.

 raygray Storytellers

Our storytellers intrigue and enchant children of all ages while developing basic skills needed to explore the world – READING, LISTENING, IMAGINING, WRITING AND SPEAKING. Ideal for schools, libraries, corporate programs, retail events, malls, kid’s clubs, summer camps, and private functions.

stilts Stiltwalkers

Towering above the crowd, our stiltwalkers create an unforgettable experience. They can costume their performance to tailor to your theme or needs as well as offer a variety of performance skills to also entertain audiences.

 murder Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries have been increasingly more popular over the past few years. These performances are about having fun. They are also a great opportunity to make new friends and network as guests work together to try to figure out “who dunn it”! Our shows include comedy, suspense and most importantly, murder! All shows are custom tailored and scripted for your group with such themes ranging from the Elvis Murder Mystery to a re-visit with the Godfather. Performances include anywhere from 5-12 actors, a “mini-show” or musical parody, custom scripting, comedy and loads of audience participation.

 mentalists Mentalists

Treat yourself and your audience to the wonders of the mind. Your audience will be thrilled and amazed as our Mentalists read their thoughts, predicts their actions and delve into their secrets in a fun, light-hearted demonstration of what can only be described as psychic powers. Some of the phenomenon that can be demonstrated are: Telepathy, the ability for two people two communicate mind to mind. Precognition, the ability to know the actions of a person, before they do. Psychokinesis, the ability to manipulate objects – or even people – without touching them. Not only will our Mentalist demonstrate his own abilities, but also the abilities of others in the audience.These professional shows are filled with audience participation and can be tailored to your business, theme or presentation. We will work with you to make sure all of your entertainment needs are met and you can an incredible night of entertainment that your guests will talk about for a long time.

 ballons Balloon Artists

Nothing livens an atmosphere quicker than crazy balloon hats and animals! Our Balloon Artists’s designs and other specialty sculptures will “blow” anyone away in any setting – corporate or private. Each balloon sculpture is unique and will add a personal touch to any party or event. Our artists offer a wide assortment of balloon sculptures including dogs, hats, animals, flowers and cartoon characters. These creations are designed to please child in all of us!

 costumes Costume Characters

For just about any holiday or occasion, we offer a complete variety of costume characters. For Christmas and Winter Holidays we offer Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Frostie Snowman, Rudolph Reindeer, Toy Soldiers, Nutcraker, Christmas Mouse, Holiday Teddy Bears, Elves, Penquins, Walking Christmas Tree and Stocking and many more! And when Spring and Easter finally roll around we have such characters as Easter Bunnies, Mother Goose, Spring Chicken, Easter Duck and more!

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