Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is the N.F.L.’s biggest game and one of the country’s most influential annual sporting events. The 2014 game takes place in New Jersey/New York on February 2; but now you can have your own super bowl event at your location!

Here are just a few of our rentals to put you on top of the game!


Field Goal Challenge
You can now experience the feeling of kicking a field goal through our 10’ high steel uprights in our new field goal arena.
Dimensions: 16′W x 19′L x 14′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $900.00

Set! Down! Hike! Test your throwing accuracy against a friend. When you throw a football through one of the targets the ball transfers into your opponent’s lane. The person who has the least amount of balls in their lane at the end of the time is the winner.
Dimensions: 17′L x 14′W x 16′H
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $900.00

Quarterback Challenge
A durable runway with printed field and two receiver and one field goal target, player attempts to accumulate 100 yards to score 6 points and 3 seconds to score the extra point after touchdown. A flashing light automatically appears signifying bonus points can be scored. Footballs return to player. The footballs are small, soft and safe.
Dimensions: 7′L x 3′W
Rental Rate: $275.00

Quarterback Pass Attack
Time is running out! How many complete passes can you make before the clock runs down?
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $275.00

And of course, don’t forget all of are great carnival fun foods while you watch the big game!

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