All prices listed are subject to change, please email or call for a quote. Prices are based on a 4 hour rental in the greater Philadelphia region, south New Jersey and northern Delaware. Discounts are available for booking multiple items. Travel fees may apply for some regions.  To get a free quote or reserve a date, click here

Animal Land Stuff A Bear
Stuff your own collectible animals at our bear workshop, complete with birth certificate and wishing star. Several different animals and characters to choose from.

Rental Rate: $1145.00 for 50 bears with 1 staff


Candy Art
Design your own colorful creations with candy. This is similar to sand art but when you are finished, you can eat your artwork. Attractive dispenser is optional.

Rental Rate: $650.00 for 100 tube dispensers with 1 staff

Frisbee Art

Create your own frisbee. Squirt up to 6 colors on your frisbee and let the spin machine do its magic and create a zany piece of art!

Dimensions: 6’Table needed
Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp line of 110volts within 100ft.
Rental Rate: $915.00 includes 200 frisbees. Additional frisbees at $2.50/each. 1 staff included.


Glitter Body Art
From sea to sparkling sea, glitter tattoos are sweeping the nation – and the world – as the coolest way to entertain your clientele. They last up to seven days are waterproof and US Dermatologist Tested. Choose from dozens of fun styles. Glitter tattoos are a safe, easy way to add pizzazz to any party or special event.

Rental Rate: $750.00 unlimited tattoos for 4 hours with 1 staff


Sand Art
Create your own decorative honey bear bottles with an assortment of colored sands. (We use plastic bottles for safety)

Rental Rate: $675.00 for up to 100 bottles with 1 staff


Spin Art

Create your own work of art by dropping paint on the spinning card. Presto! You have created your own masterpiece. (5″ x7″ cards

Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/ in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $575.00 unlimited for 4 hours with 1 staff

T-shirt Spin Art (new for 2017)
Create your very own wearable art! Drop your choice of colors and watch the design come to life on the t-shirt.
Electrical Req: 1 x 20amp line of 110volts of electricity with in a 100ft.
Rental Rate: $1095.00 includes 1 staff and 100 t-shirts


Temporary Tattoos
Have fun showing off your new colorful temporary tattoo. These durable tattoos are put on by wetting the back of the tattoo when placed on the desired body part. Quick, Easy and Fun!”

Rental Rate: $575.00 for 100 tattoos. $3.00 extra per tattoo over 100 units with 1 staff


Wax Hands
Dip your hand into the liquid wax and create your own art form hand impression. Dip your hand into our warm, soothing wax to form a colorful, treasured souvenir mold of your hand. Get ready to “WOW” your guests at your next event with Wax Hand Art, a fun and creative hands-on activity for children and adults

Dimensions: 10′L x 10′W area needed
Electrical Req.: (1) 110v line w/ in 100ft.
Rental Rate: $1195.00 unlimited for 4 hours with 1 staff

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